Monday, March 1, 2010

February 26 – National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

As I began to do research into what exactly a Fairy Tale is it quickly got far more involved then I was thinking. There are many different thoughts on this, but basically; a fairy tale comes from folklore – or stories that are passed down by word of mouth. They are untrue and do not have to have fairies actually in them. They do usually involve magic of some sort, but this doesn’t seem to be a requirement.

Today I told Duke some fairy tales…pathetic I know, but when you are stuck in a house all day with only Duke…we are bonding…let’s just put it that way.

I, of course, made up fairy tales to tell Duke. They were about brave doggies that ran through their huge house, out into their huge yard, and jumped into their very own lake. The dog had other friends who lived there, he had an automatic treat dispenser, and a room full of pillows, fluff, and everything soft…for some this could be a reality, but for Duke this was WAY out of this realm of thinking…he thought it was great!

I find that making up fairy tales is far more entertaining then reciting the classics. Go ahead…try it today!

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