Monday, March 1, 2010

February 28 – Public Sleeping Day

I was looking forward to this day so much…I take a nap every Sunday and it is always amazing - usually in a public place in my house…if that counts. Today, however, I wasn’t able to take one…sadness!

Here are my friends Malibu and Clayton sleeping in church!

I was trying to think of the places I have fallen asleep in my life, here was my list I could remember:

• Back of an open bed truck
• Airport – everywhere
• Venice train station
• Boat
• Parked Car – Home Depot parking lots and other places
• Rest Area Lawn
• Park Bench
• My parent’s drive way
• Outside Spartan Stadium
• Department store – waiting outside the dressing room while someone else tried on clothes

That’s about it. I know my sister, Katie, used to ALWAYS fall asleep in weird places – the closet, the laundry basket, under the bed…causing the whole neighborhood and police to go looking for her (she fell asleep during an obviously intense game of hide and seek…I think it’s safe to say she won).

Where is the oddest place you have fallen asleep?

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  1. I seem to remember you falling asleep on a sailboat one time.