Monday, March 22, 2010

March 16 – Everything You Do Is Right Day

If I had to pick a member of my family who took this day and used it to the fullest…it would be Duke.

Mom and I headed to the park with Duke today. Now Duke is not a ferocious beast, he doesn’t even pretend to be one. Since we have moved to Michigan he has discovered squirrels and rabbits and is starting to chase them, but nothing crazy….Today at the park there was still ice covering 85% of the pond…so it was cold. Mom and I are walking around talking and all of a sudden I hear a big SPLASH! We look and Duke is swimming in the pond chasing the ducks in the water! I said “DUKE what are you doing?” And I think that snapped him out of some sort of trance, because he looked back at us like “OH MY, what AM I doing” - and swam back to shore. He then proceeded to zigzag back and forth at top speed around the park, go down into a stream and run up and down it chasing sticks, jump from bank to bank over it, and then into the woods where he found something that smelled SOOOOO good that he had to roll in it.

Yes, he had a great time and what could I say…it’s Everything You Do Is Right Day. Luckily he dried off a little bit by the time he had to sit on my lap to go home, we got home, he took a bath, and then passed out in front of the fire….it’s rough being Duke.

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