Monday, March 22, 2010

March 15 – National Brutus Day

Ides of March is another name for today I have discovered - Ides is the 15th in the ancient Roman calendar. Today is the infamous day where Cesar cried out “Et tu, Brute”

My mom, being the teacher that she is, held a dinner party to celebrate Brutus Day. We were talking about centerpieces for the table and I came up with: a bloody knife, a cake that you could stab into and “blood” would come out of it, a mystery dinner where one person was Cesar and one Brutus and you have to figure out who killed who…NONE of my ideas were used! How rude, I thought I had some great creative juices flowing.

Well, despite not having an interesting centerpiece or fun game that I suggested, I think they had a great dinner!

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