Monday, March 15, 2010

March 11 – Worship of Tools Day

First let’s go over the types of tools:

• Power tools
• Hand tools
• Garden tools
• Cutting tools
• Machine tools
• Measuring tools
• Alignment tools

As a former employee of a very large and respected tool company, I must say I do love tools. I am sure this day was invented by some man though. Wandering around Home Depot, completely ignoring his wife’s phone calls, gathering with all the other men picking up various tools to feel the power in their hands tempted to let out a Tim Allen grunt...I can see it all now. When I worked in the power tool industry, I can tell you that YES this happens frequently. I can also tell you, when we had events at the store we would hope that the wife wasn’t there. The men who came alone…those were our pray…and let me tell you as the person who consistently broke sales goals by over 150%...they were sitting ducks.

Now this is not to say that women don’t like tools…of course they do…I am a woman and I love tools!

I’m just saying I’m pretty sure this day was invented by a man…so….GO MEN! FEAST YOUR EYES UPON THE TOOLS…FEEL THEIR POWER IN YOUR HAND…TODAY IS YOUR DAY TOOL LOVERS!

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