Monday, August 2, 2010

September 1-17

1 - Emma M Nutt Day
2 - National Beheading Day
3 - Sky Skraper Day
4 - Newspaper Carrier Day
5 - Be Late For Something Day
6 - Fight Procrastination Day
7 - Grandma Moses Day
8 - International Literacy Day
9 - National Teddy Bear Day
10 - Swap Ideas Day
11 - Libraries Remember Day
12 - Chocolate Milkshake Day
13 - National Celiac Awareness Day
14 - Cream Filled Donut Day
15 - Make A Hat Day
16 - Anne Broadstreet Day
17 - Citizenship Day

August Holiday's

1 - Sister's Day
2 - Ice Cream Sandwich Day
3 - Watermelon Day
4 - Backgammon Day
5 - Work Like A Dog Day
6 - Fresh Breath Day
7 - National Lighthouse Day
8 - Sneak Some Zuccini Onto Your Neighbors Porch Night
9 - National Polka Festival
10 - Lazy Day
11 - Presidential Joke Day
12 - Middle Child's Day
13 - Left Handers Day
14 - Kool-Aid Day
15 - Best Friend's Day
16 - Joe Miller's Joke Day
17 - Meaning Of "Is" Day
18 - Cupcake Day
19 - Aviation Day
20 - Pony Express Day
21 - Hug Your Boss Day
22 - Be An Angel Day
23 - Ride The Wind Day
24 - Vesuvis Day
25 - National Second Hand Wardrobe Day
26 - National Dog Day
27 - Global Forgiveness Day
28 - Race Your Mouse Around The Icons Day
29 - According to Hoyle Day
30 - National Toasted Marshmellow Day
31 - Love Litigation Lawyers Day

Holidays from July 19-July 31

July 19 - Fitch Day
July 20 - National Hug Your Kid Day
July 21 - National Junk Food Day
July 22 - Hammock Day
July 23 - Gorgeous Erma Day
July 24 - National Day Of The Cowboy
July 25 - Candles On A Cake Day
July 26 - Aunt & Uncle Day
July 27 - Take Your Houseplant On A Walk Day
July 28 -National Milk Chocolate Day
July 29 - National Lasagna Day
July 30 - Parents Day
July 31 - Mutt's Day

Saddness –

I regret to inform you that I will not be able to complete my blog. This brings me great sadness, but I must be honest. I am not celebrating the holiday’s anymore, I am becoming embarrassed of my posts and don’t even want people to go check it out. Thank you for those of you who have faithfully checked back, and those who have participated in the holidays thus far…I am sorry to let you down.

I have had bouts of depression in the past and when I have nothing to do and no “purpose” it tends to creep back into my life. The blog was created to give me that reason, that purpose for every day. It was tons of fun and I kept up with it nicely while in Seattle. Upon moving back to Michigan I started feeling like my old self again, I was meeting friends, had things to do, took classes at the local college, planned road trips, and joined sports leagues. Needless to say I became very busy. The blog started to be more of a stressor on me and taking me away from my family and friends…totally opposite of what it was supposed to be doing.

I had TONS of fun celebrating the holidays that I did, and I almost made it a whole year. I have to be honest that I am not celebrating and stop faking it on my blog.

I will post the rest of the holidays for the year, and I will celebrate them on occasion, I just can’t keep doing it with the pride and enthusiasm that I would like, so I must resign.

Thank you again to all the readers! I have learned a lot this past year and can’t wait to see what the rest of my 26th year of life and beyond has in store for me.

Thank you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 18 – Woody Wagon Day

This day celebrates the old cars from the 40’s and 50’s said to symbolize American freedom and casual style of life!

I know these more as an excuse to punch someone next to you and yell “Woody!”

July 17 – National Yellow Pig Day

Yellow Pig Day is apparently a day celebrated by Mathematicians…Odd…they celebrate yellow pigs and the number 17…now I am no Math genius, but these things do not seem to be related at all! I am so confused by this day and I am not sure how to celebrate it at all…I don’t even think there are yellow pigs. Maybe you are supposed to figure out the probability of two pigs having a yellow pig…I have no idea…this is really confusing to me…this is why I don’t do math!

Apparently on college campuses math people usually celebrate with yellow pig cakes and yellow pig carols…so confusing.

July 16 – National Hot Dog Night

Hot dogs…I think they are great, I could never do a hot dog eating contest…1 maybe 2 that’s good enough for me. I am a bit particular though. I like hot dogs in the microwave with the ends cut off and slit down the middle.

I will eat them off the grill, but not my first choice, made over a fire while camping – that’s good, boiled…again not a fan.

I was not able to have hot dogs tonight, I went to my brother-in-laws birthday party and so we had pizza.

Can I just say…why is this on ESPN…this is not a sport although you may think it is by how much these people are sweating, glad they all have their little wrist bands on…gross! Also, I love at the end after the contest that the first thing he picks up is Pepto Bismol!