Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 16 – National Hot Dog Night

Hot dogs…I think they are great, I could never do a hot dog eating contest…1 maybe 2 that’s good enough for me. I am a bit particular though. I like hot dogs in the microwave with the ends cut off and slit down the middle.

I will eat them off the grill, but not my first choice, made over a fire while camping – that’s good, boiled…again not a fan.

I was not able to have hot dogs tonight, I went to my brother-in-laws birthday party and so we had pizza.

Can I just say…why is this on ESPN…this is not a sport although you may think it is by how much these people are sweating, glad they all have their little wrist bands on…gross! Also, I love at the end after the contest that the first thing he picks up is Pepto Bismol!

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