Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 15 – Cow Appreciation Day

Cows bring about this urge for me to Moooooo. Whenever I see them while we are driving, I suddenly feel like I have to Moo. Jared is well aware of this, and I am pretty sure it doesn’t even faze him anymore.

Cows are great creatures and I LOVE what they give us…MILK, ICE CREAM, CHEESE! YUMM!

In Michigan I always see “Ruthie” the Country Fresh cow…and who did I see driving down the highway today…RUTHIE!!! I tried to take a picture, but I was driving and it was about to get messy!

Jared and I saw Ruthie about 2 weeks ago as well when we were going up to the UP…it was Jared’s first “Ruthie” experience. We took a picture then…but now I can’t find it...BOO. I could only find this video of Ruthie online…no pictures came up so I don’t know who these people are or what they are doing…but the cow…that’s RUTHIE!

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