Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4 – Build A Scarecrow Day

Well, Jared and I were in the car 90% of the day…at least 14 hours. I didn’t build a scarecrow, but I did think about scarecrows and how to build them…mine were not nearly as detailed and massive as this:
Here are directions for serious scarecrows!

Step 1 - Cut a 10-foot bamboo pole into two pieces, one 4 feet long and the other 6 feet long

Step 2 - Place the 4-foot section across the 6-foot piece, 1 foot down from the top.

Step 3 - Wire the two pieces together with floral wire, twine or raffia.

Step 4 - Place an old shirt on the short cross-piece of the frame and button the shirt in front.

Step 5 - Stuff the shirt loosely with straw, dry leaves or rags.

Step 6 - Place gloves at the end of the "arms" and secure them with rubber bands.

Step 7 - Pull one leg of a pair of trousers onto the long bamboo pole. The other leg will hang freely.

Step 8 - Tuck the stuffed shirt into the waist of the trousers.

Step 9 - Secure the waist of the trousers to the pole with a rope or belt , tying the belt or rope to the cross-piece if necessary to keep the pants from falling down.

Step 10 - Stuff the pants with the stuffing material of your choice.

Step 11 - Make a head for your scarecrow by stuffing straw into a pillowcase. Tie the pillowcase opening onto the top of the long stake with rope.

Step 12 - Draw a face with felt-tip pens, or glue on buttons for eyes and yarn for a mouth.

Step 13 -Stick the scarecrow in the ground or tie it securely in another location.

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