Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 5 – National Work-a-holic Day

Today I actually thought about going into work, before I even knew what the holiday was. Today is a day that many people get off of work, at least here in the USA because of the 4th of July…Independence day! I needed to make up some hours at work and seriously contemplated going into the office…so I decided that since it is work a holic day maybe I should work. However, I choose to work around the house, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, and all that good stuff. I hope that I am never a work-a-holic…hard work I think is great, but it is not my first priority and I hope that I never get disallutioned enough to where work and money become more important then anything else. I hope to always be a friend-a-holic, and a family-a-holic…but no work-a-holic.

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