Monday, July 5, 2010

June 29 – National Camera Day

Again falling on my photography class day! PERFECT! I love cameras and pictures, I scrapbook a little (I’m not a crazy scrapbooker, just a small hobbyist). I do have a problem when people take pictures an entire trip, and instead of enjoying the event or trip they are just snapping away…they are missing so much.

The first practical photograph method was invented in 1835 by Louis Jacques Daguerre. It was named daguerreotype after him. The process included coating a copper plate with silver and then treated with iodine vapor to make it sensitive to light. The image was then developed by mercury vapor. It was later fixed with a solution of ordinary salt. The process was then perfected by William Fox Talbot in 1840. The calotype produced a negative picture on paper, which had the lights as darks and the darks as lights. The positive would be made on another sheet of sensitized paper which was exposed to light through the negative. (

Now days we have cameras everywhere! Spy cameras, traffic cameras, phone cameras, car cameras, cameras in outer space…we can now put a camera anywhere I am convinced.

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