Monday, August 2, 2010

Saddness –

I regret to inform you that I will not be able to complete my blog. This brings me great sadness, but I must be honest. I am not celebrating the holiday’s anymore, I am becoming embarrassed of my posts and don’t even want people to go check it out. Thank you for those of you who have faithfully checked back, and those who have participated in the holidays thus far…I am sorry to let you down.

I have had bouts of depression in the past and when I have nothing to do and no “purpose” it tends to creep back into my life. The blog was created to give me that reason, that purpose for every day. It was tons of fun and I kept up with it nicely while in Seattle. Upon moving back to Michigan I started feeling like my old self again, I was meeting friends, had things to do, took classes at the local college, planned road trips, and joined sports leagues. Needless to say I became very busy. The blog started to be more of a stressor on me and taking me away from my family and friends…totally opposite of what it was supposed to be doing.

I had TONS of fun celebrating the holidays that I did, and I almost made it a whole year. I have to be honest that I am not celebrating and stop faking it on my blog.

I will post the rest of the holidays for the year, and I will celebrate them on occasion, I just can’t keep doing it with the pride and enthusiasm that I would like, so I must resign.

Thank you again to all the readers! I have learned a lot this past year and can’t wait to see what the rest of my 26th year of life and beyond has in store for me.

Thank you!


  1. It was a brilliant concept and I enjoyed your personal take on all the holidays. Please don't be embarrassed. I hope you have a great birthday.

  2. I had a blast reading about all your crazy ideas to celebrate the holidays. You are SO fun and creative, I loved it! I will still tell you if I end up celebrating one of the remaining holidays. :-)