Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 10 – Middle Name Pride Day

Lynn is the best middle name to have I do believe. Obviously, because my middle name is Lynn, but also a lot of the greatest people I know…my friend’s Amy and Sherry for example all have Lynn as their much under appreciated middle name. We are so proud of our name we had a Lynn Lunch today. It was very fun…always a good time when you are gathered with Lynn’s.

Today I was living with 2 no-namers…Duke and Jared do not have middle names…quite sad, but they took pride in the fact that they had nothing to celebrate.

I think it is good that middle names have a day, always cut out of daily conversation. You know you really know someone when you know their middle name. Sure, the middle initial gets attention, but that letter could stand for so many things! Today I had Jared call me by my middle name all day. I called my parents by their middle names, but I don’t really think they noticed…I guess that shows how much they are listening to me! Or maybe for some odd reason they get called their middle names all the time…very unlikely, I am just trying to make myself feel better.

So take pride in your middle name today…shout it from the roof tops! (Maybe not if your middle name is “I’m going to jump”)

Most Common Middle Names:

• Rose
• Grace
• Faith
• Brooke
• Nicole
• Ashley
• Elizabeth

• Michael
• James
• John
• Joseph
• Thomas
• Stephen
• David
• William

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