Monday, March 8, 2010

March 7 - Learn What Your Name Means Day

Michelle: French meaning Who is Like God

I actually happen to already know this - Michelle is the female version of Michael – the angel. Obviously my parents knew they were getting an angel for a child! I believe that a name says a lot about who you are…I mean mine says it exactly! There is debate about whether there is supposed to be a question mark on the end of that meaning, some have it some don’t…I say no.

Let’s look at some others:

Jared: Hebrew meaning Ruler – he is the head of the house…another match!
Duke: Old French meaning Leader…uh oh Duke and Jared are going to have to battle it out!
Katie (my sister): Greek meaning Pure
Erin (sister): Celtic meaning Peace

These last two are debatable…I guess it depends on who you talk to.

I may have to see what names mean before I name my kids…maybe I can steer them in some direction simply by naming them the right thing. I know that you all have a name or two that everyone you know with that name turns out to be someone you don’t want to know…you know it’s true!

Find out what your name means:

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  1. Adriane: Latin - Dark; Rich
    John: Hebrew - God is gracious
    Malibu: "Sorry...we have no information on this name." BOOOOOOO! :-)