Monday, March 8, 2010

March 5 - Fun Facts About Names Day

Why is the sky called the sky, why is everything about Grand Rapids so Grand? Today is the day to find the answers to these questions. While those are great questions here are ones I found answers for:

Michigan - "Michigan" was named by the French, after the Ojibwe word "mishigama", which means "large water" or "large lake"

Jake the Jailbird - the name of the guy in jail on the Monopoly board.

Whirly-Girls - the name of the International Association of Women Helicopter Pilots

I wish that I had more facts about why things are called what they are called. I think I will make up something, like start calling cookies melichota and make up some long meaning behind it. I think that’s what really happens – “hey what should we call this?” – Then “they” whoever they are just make something up.

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