Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 27 – Joe Day

This day is for those of who don’t like your name to change it to Joe. Apparently everybody likes Joe. Now this may be a bit odd for women, so one website I read suggested Josephine or Jody.

I happen to have a friend named Joe; I called him today to let him know it was his day. He was out celebrating apparently so I left him a message. He is a very likable guy, and I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t like him. If you are worried about your child being liked at school, maybe you should go ahead and name them Joe.

Here are some other famous Joe’s:

DiMaggio, Joe
G.I. Joe
Jonas, Joe
Lieberman, Joe
Montana, Joe
Namath, Joe
Pesci, Joe

That picture is my friend Joe with my other friend Adriane...see they are so happy! - That's at our wedding so OBVIOUSLY they were having a great time!

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