Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 21 – Memory Day

Today Jared and I played a ROUSING game of memory. We didn’t have the cute little cards with cats and birds and cookies on them so we played with playing cards; matching the 2 red 5’s and black jacks etc.

There are a few things that I HATE forgetting:

• My password to anything online…then you have to prove that you are you by answering all sorts of questions, clicking links on your email, calling someone, going back to the website…it’s just a lot of work!
• My cell phone – sad but now I just feel completely naked if I don’t have it!
• The Office – HATE missing that!
• A Pepsi – always a necessity
• The check – when I am driving past the bank and realize it is nicely placed on the counter at home
• Duke…yesterday I left him outside accidentally…no worries he was sitting in the driveway when I finally discovered he wasn’t right by my feet as usual.

Memory is such a weird thing in you think about it. You can store things in your brain and then just pull them up later. I can remember running out on the soccer field as a kid, I remember people on the other team, what color I was, the wind blowing, looking at my dad (the coach) on the sideline…Amazing how my brain can just instantly bring me back to that time.

*for some reason my picture isn't working...imagine a picture of me beating Jared at memory....i'll keep working on it.

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