Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 9 – National Panic Day

Recipe for panic:

• Think about what you worry about the most
• Put no rational limits on what you think
• Let your imagination run wild
• Think of the worst case and start to believe they are going to come true

TA DA you’re panicking!

Today I did exactly what I said above and here is what I came up with:

• I will never find a job, and if I do it will pay me barely anything and be something I could have done straight out of high school…maybe middle school
• Duke is going to get very sick soon
• Jared and I are never going to find a house and end up living in a small apartment for the rest of our lives
• We will never have a yard
• We won’t be able to travel nearly as much as we want to because I am not making any money.
• I will never get to own my own jeep! (Life long dream!)
• I will never even get close to my life goal of visiting every country in the world!
• I have no clothes to wear and will look like a slob in sweats and a sweatshirt my whole life
• When I have kids I will get really really big and never be able to lose weight

Those really were my biggest panics today. Some may say they are petty, I realized that even in my panicking I am not worried about having food or friends and family…maybe that is my lesson today. The worst circumstances I could foresee never involve me not having friends, family, or a place to stay. Maybe today, National Panic Day, is a good day after all.

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