Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 8 – Check Your Batteries Day

Seems as though we are having a lot of battery days lately…well ok just two but two days for batteries…that’s pretty good.

I think that they need to invent something very small that you can just press up to a battery and it will tell you how full or un-full of a charge it is…if they have something like this PLEASE tell me!

Maybe today refers to the battery inside of us that keeps us going. I know to recharge my batteries I like to take a long bubble bath, or go to the park with my dog, or go on a weekend getaway with Jared. I think that my battery was running out today so it is a good thing I checked it! I am so tired; I think that I will sleep very well tonight.

I think the equivalent to the gadget I was saying they need to invent to check a battery (above) for your own human charge is a really soft gushy bed and pillow! If you stumble forward and collapse…that’s not a good sign. If you dive forward bounce a couple times and then rest…you’re half full, and if you look at it and think…”Ooo that looks good, I’ll be there a little later”…then you’re probably fine. Very important this is what you WANT to do, not what you think you need to do…because 87% of the time the person who wants to stumble forward and collapse is going to say “I’ll be there in a minute I still have to do ….” and continue to run around like a fool.

Check your battery, make sure you are on full…and if not figure out a way to get there!

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