Monday, March 8, 2010

March 2 – Old Stuff Day

Old – what does this really mean; it seems to be all relative. A shirt I bought 6 months ago could be considered old, yet the United States is still a young country. My car is old at 6, people are old about…70. Well, but people can also be old at 30…seems old, or if you are 4 then 16 is old.

I went through some of my old papers from high school today, 10th grade Comp papers, 12th grade College Writing papers, 9th grade book reports…it was all actually very interesting.

I had lunch at one of my old favorite spots…Bagel Beanery…I am not sure if this counts because it is still one of my favorites, but any excuse to “have” to eat there, I’ll take it!

I also looked at some old pictures with my mom…so old in fact that she didn’t even know who we were looking at…they looked like nice people 

Check out these other old things:

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