Monday, March 15, 2010

March 13 – Open An Umbrella Inside Day

Well, I did notice that this day was on a 13th…I am wondering if we are going for like a break the curse of the un-lucky things here or something.

For the history of why this is considered unlucky you can check out February 10 – Umbrella Day…it’s all there.

I quite like opening umbrellas inside…living on the edge – that’s me. I have yet to hit a streak of bad luck. Jared would not participate in this day…he has had such good luck in life…well having me and duke at least, I can see how he doesn’t want to risk it.

So I strutted around out house…well my parent’s house…with their umbrella…I promise someday I will have my own umbrella and my own house.

Jared thought I should sing Singing in the Rain, but it wasn’t raining and I didn’t feel the urge to sing…so I didn’t. I did a few twirls and spins with it…it was all quite exciting…teasing the universe…I DARE YOU TO GIVE ME BAD LUCK FOR THIS!

(Picture came out a little blurry)

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