Monday, March 1, 2010

February 27 – National No Brainer Day

No Brainers, now these are my kind of questions/decisions…

n. Informal
Something so simple or easy as to require no thought.

Sometimes in my mind confused with “stupid” or “dumb” questions…
“Michelle, would you like some ice cream?”
“Duke, do you want to do outside?”
My mom’s favorite: Who’s buried in Grant’s grave?

I think it is hilarious how sometimes when you are asked no brainer questions you totally freeze…sadly this also happens to me a lot. Usually when you are on the spot, then you second guess yourself because you are thinking, “this is way too easy, why are they asking me this” or “is this person really that stupid, there must be more to this question”.

Some things should be no brainers but apparently aren’t…for your viewing pleasure:

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