Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 26 – Make Up Your Own Holiday

Oh my I had so many GREAT ideas for this one! If I owned my own home…no if I lived in my own home, I would have had a party for today and I would have declared the holiday: I Told You I’d Wear It Again Day – where you would pull out those old bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses. Halloween costumes, wedding dresses, Hawaii shirts, etc that you really otherwise would never wear again! I was so excited to celebrate – then I realized two things: 1. I don’t have anywhere to have a party, 2. It’s March madness and no one would come – I guess we could have watched basketball in our fun clothes – but then we are back to problem number 1.

Then I thought – HIPPO DAY! An obvious choice…maybe too obvious. So then I came up with: Love Your Alma Mater Day! Which is easy to do if you are a MSU graduate as I am…advancing in the big dance that is March Madness! It was great we gathered at a friend’s house to watch the game with other fans of varying degrees…

MSU won of course – which was AMAZING! So all in all I would say it was a very successful day. We of course had our green and white gear on so HOORAY!

Celebrate your alma mater today…or celebrate whatever you decide today is the day to celebrate!

Gotta love the Drumline…they are pretty AWESOME at MSU…my hubby is the one in the one in the middle that starts it all off!


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