Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 22 – Goof Off Day

You would think that being unemployed I would have ample time to goof off…and get this blog up in time…oops. However, I have been so busy lately! It’s amazing what living by friends and family will do for your social life, not to mention what buying a house will do to your “schedule that appointment soon” life. So I have been very busy. Every day I spend hours looking for and applying for jobs, then Duke and I go to the park to get some fresh air and exercise. Then it’s back to the computer for some work, used to be house hunting but now I can cross that off my list, and some reading (I have several projects I am working on that involve reading books).

Today, to Goof Off, I didn’t apply for any jobs…I confess I did look for a little while though, I didn’t write my blog (slacker I know) - I didn’t even take a picture for my blog, I didn’t have to house hunt so that was great, and I just did a lot of unproductive things! It was great, however, I do love being productive so at first this day was a little hard for me.

The definition of Goof Off is:
goof-off (g f ôf , - f )
n. Slang
One who shirks work or responsibility.

Everyone needs a day like this once in a while…so here is your excuse to not be responsible…ENJOY!

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