Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 9 – Static Electricity Day!

Oh the joys of static electricity! I was wishing today that this day would have been over Christmas while we were at my mom’s house in Michigan. Whenever you were on the floor in the basement you were static electric! We were all shocking everyone, I was shocking my sister’s baby, the dogs, and anyone else I touched…and they were shocking me too.

Alas, it was not then…it is today. I tried rubbing my feet around on our carpet and then shocking Jared and I got nothing! I am pretty sure that means the apartment complex should have replaced the carpet well before we moved in…seeing that it is so matted down and nasty that I can’t even generate a little static electricity!

So I went to the next best thing…balloons rubbed on the hair! It took a while for me to remember where I had put my balloons from “Balloons Around the World Day (Oct 7)”, but when I did look what happened!

Then I quickly made Jared a sword – with which he played with and then “stabbed” himself with and stumbled to his death. (Just acting people, Jared is still alive and well).

To learn more about static electricity check out this website:

Did you know?
*Static Electricity is much more of a problem in the winter…BEWARE!

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