Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 14 – National Dress Up Your Pet Day

I am pretty sure pet’s dread this day every year. Running to their kennels and behind furniture when mom & dad start pulling out “that box” from the closet!  But like a proud mom I DID pull out that box and put on a show for myself...and you...I hope you enjoy!

As with humans some clothes are worn out of necessity and some just to make us humans laugh. Much like babies – pets are dressed up in ridiculous things simply, I’m convinced, so people can laugh at them.

Duke is no different. His sweatshirt he does actually wear outside when it is cold out, seeing that when it is below 50 he is shaking. He is very skinny, has no fat, and barely any fur. Therefore we tried to get him some “cool” looking things. He also has a winter coat that he wears when we go to Michigan or anywhere that is actually cold.

So tonight Duke had a fashion show…he put up with it…that’s about all I can say. His eyes did get really big when I gave him his treat for being so good…all in all I think he is ok with it.

Here is Duke, Bullet (the hot dog), Bella (in yellow), and my nephew Emmet in the polo!

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