Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7 – Old Rock Day

Luckily, I am now related to a rock expert! My brother-in-law, Luke, is a graduate from University of Michigan with a degree in Geology. Jared called him today to ask him some questions about rocks…here is what we discovered:

  •  The oldest rocks are Igneous and Metamorphic
  • The oldest rocks can be found in Australia and date back 2.5-3.8 billion years
  • “Rocks are cool” (that is a direct quote)
  • Luke’s favorite rock: Gneiss (pictured above)
  • Diamonds are NOT rocks…they are minerals, but diamonds are found in Kimberlights (which is a rock)
 I hope I have expanded your rock knowledge.

Jared and I got to thinking, in the rock world an OLD rock has to be pretty old. So treat them with respect…they may look tough, but they are eroding away everyday!


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