Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 26 – Australia Day

Well, I celebrated this day last night…or began my celebration. Jared and I went out to Outback…I mean if that isn’t Australian I don’t know what is. (I’m kidding)

While we were there I almost made us get up and leave, I couldn’t believe we were going on Opposite Day and not on Australia Day, so I am just saying that we started celebrating earlier.

Australia is one of the two continents I have not yet had the privilege of visiting. Jared and I plan to one day take a motor home around Australia and see as much as we can! I am very excited!

Jared chose to celebrate this day bye saying “G’day Mate”, “The dingo ate my baby”, and trying to convince Duke that he was in-fact a Dingo…it was quite entertaining.

We have a book called THE TRAVEL BOOK it is amazing…here are some interesting things in says about Australia:

Best time to visit: Anytime is fine – and definitely before 1788 when the Europeans invaded

Essential Experience: Meeting the native wildlife on Kangaroo Island

Trademarks: Bronzed Aussies, dangerous creatures, endless beaches, friendly locals, Outback pubs, sizzling barbecues, Aussie Rules football

Surprises: Kangaroos don’t hop down city streets; it isn’t always hot and sunny; it has the oldest continuing culture in the world!

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