Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December 31 – Make Up Your Mind Day

Oh, the last day of the year…I HATE the end of things. Every New Year’s Eve, I get all sad that I will never be in that year again, I tell the year that it has been great and I will miss it (here’s me thinking everything is alive again).

Making up my mind is sometimes very difficult…mostly because 97% of the time I really don’t care, I really don’t have a preference. Here are some things that I made up my mind about today;
• I will not make a New Year’s Resolution
• I will eat as many chocolate balls as I can while I am home and not worry about the consequences
• Duke must continue to wear his ear warmer outside in the cold (his ears get frost bitten if he doesn't - but I feel bad for him having to wear it)
• I do like winter
• I will make an effort for the rest of my life to stay in contact with family and friends
• I will continue to put forth effort in relationships that I feel I don’t get very much in return because even so, they are important to me & worth it
• I will not let other people decide my worth
• I will choose love my hubby every day

It feels good to make some decisions…I still have a LOT that I haven’t made up my mind about…what I am going to do with my life, where I will live, when we will have kids, where our next trip will be…SO MANY DECISIONS! At least I have a few of them taken care of!

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  1. personally, i like Duke's earwarmer....he is a very cute babushka.