Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 12 – The Feast of Fabulous Wild Men

With such a great name you would think that there would be a great reason behind this day…no can find any. A lot of holiday sites have this day listed, but on one really knows where it came from. So what does this mean? Here were my ideas:

1. Fabulous Wild Men eat a feast made by themselves
2. I FEAST my eyes on Fabulous Wild Men
3. I make a feast for the Fabulous Wild Men

Jared was sure that he was the Fabulous Wild Man I was supposed to FEAST my eyes upon…I asked him “you think you are wild?” in response to this, he grabbed me by the shoulders and in a “big manyly voice” (haha) he stated loudly “I am a WILD man” then he walked out of the kitchen and went to check his email on the computer! Hahaha – that made me laugh.

I made Jared some cupcakes for him to feast on.

I watched Biggest Loser, which I believe some of the contestants are wild, and fabulous because they are making a great change in their life. I also watched a little bit of American Idol auditions – there were a few fabulous people, and some WILD people, but I am not sure they were the same people.

Here are other men I think are FABULOUS and/or WILD.

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