Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 15 – Hat Day

Hats – I think they have been around since the beginning of time. I am sure Adam and Eve had some made out of leaves or something. I think it is interesting how some people look GREAT in hats and others look…well…not so great.

My favorite hat I have ever seen is one we used to own. It was a brown hat with a Moose face coming out the front and big antlers! I wish I had a picture to post here, but I don’t.

There is a great hat store in Breckenridge Colorado, my family has family reunions up there a lot and one year we all bought these crazy hats and wore them around…family bonding. There was one black rounded top hat with LONG brownish/red hair hanging out of it. Another with 2 LONG bills sticking out each side, my Grandma had one that looked like a putting green – complete with pin and golf ball rolling around the top! It was great.

I really enjoy wearing hats, however, I don’t think the traditional baseball hat looks that great on me, I really want it to…but that doesn’t mean it does. I have 2 hats that I like to wear, a brown one and a camo one. I also really like winter hats. The problem I have with them is that once I am wearing one, I am stuck wearing it until the end of the day. My hair gets all pressed down on top and frizzy on the bottom – the curse of curly hair.

Here is my sister participating in Hat Day!

Most Popular Men's Styles over the Centuries
Capotain - Early 17th Century, originally came from Spain. It was a tall hat, with a medium brim and tapered crown. Made from felt. Most popular colour was black.

Sugar Loaf - Mid 17th Century - High Crown, stiff brim, it became associated with the dress worn by the Puritans.

The Tricorne Hat (Three cornered hat) - 18th Century.

Bicorne Hat - Late 18th Century - Most popular amongst artists and intellectuals.

Top Hat - Mid 19th Century

Coke Hat - Mid 19th Century - synonymous with bowler hat.

Panamas and soft hats - became popular head attire from the mid 1800s. With styles such as the pork pie in both felt and straw and the helmet in straw being introduced in the mid-late 1800s. After this period men's hats varied little. To this day top hats and bowler hats continue to be worn for formal dress, with felts and panamas being worn for everyday wear.       (source:

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