Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6 – Cuddle Up Day

Well, this would be a much better day if I was in one of the cold places in the country. Seems like everyone is having cold weather right now…even Texas and Florida, but not here, we are in the 40’s-50’s it’s pretty mild, and not even that rainy. Luckily, I can always cuddle up and enjoy it tremendously. Right now we are all (Jared, Duke, and myself) cuddled on the couch together, we built a fire, and we are watching the MSU basketball game. I am not that into the game…hence why I am writing my blog, but I thoroughly enjoy the cuddling.

Good cuddling to me involves:
• A very comfy place to cuddle
• A nice warm big blanky (mine is Pinky – again it has a name)
• A person or doggie to cuddle with
• Perhaps a hot chocolate, fire, something that makes you feel cuddly
• A good background CD, movie, or in my case basketball game
• And if possible snow or big storm outside!

 If you need other information on how to celebrate this day check out this website:

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