Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 11 – Puddles

Puddle splashing – why as we get older do we lose these small joyous moments! Today I was happy that I live in Seattle…it rained…what a surprise and we had plenty of puddles! Jared and I went outside to jump in puddles. At first I wasn’t very good my splash was going about 2 inches…then Jared showed me the winning technique.

For a successful puddle jump: jump as high as you can, put both feet next to each other and stomp down at the same time like you are trying to break through the floor.

I was thinking of puddles around this time in a typical Michigan winter…then puddle jumping (if you can find a puddle) might not be as fun. Slushy ice flying everywhere, ice chunks hitting your friend in the face…leading to retaliation with a “snowball” (more like ICE ball) thrown in your face…which would lead to a facewash…then ice/snow thrown down the back of your shirt…it just gets ugly from there.

Hence, I was glad to celebrate this day in rainy Seattle today!

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