Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January 25 – Opposite Day

I learned a few valuable lessons today about when NOT to celebrate opposite day. Some of these were learned by personal experience and some I just don’t think would work well with the day:

1. At work – not a good idea, you may answer questions like – No, I am not busy at all. I can’t have that done for a long time. I have no idea what you are talking about…or on the other hand…I understand exactly! - These could get you into some sticky situations…sometimes, depending on your work circumstance, you could benefit from this day at work I suppose…I LOVE working here! You are the best boss ever! I get paid so much for doing so little!

2. When giving directions – left is right, right is left, this way is that way, keep going is stop…it’s all very confusing!

3. Wedding – I am thinking you never want to get married on this day… “I Don’t”…”does anyone object” – everyone would start screaming out how awful you were. "You look so ugly today, and your hair...what were you thinking!"

4. Receiving or giving a job offer - "We are not offering you a position, I can't believe you even applied, you have none of the things we are looking for." - "I don't want the position, I don't care about your company at all, and it really was just a waste of my time."

5. The birth of a child… “It’s a girl and WOW is she messed up!”

So, this day is a fun day, but beware how you use it…most importantly...make sure people you are talking to know that it is opposite day – which is hard in itself if you are a true player:

“It is NOT opposite day”
“Oh, so you aren’t talking in opposites”
“So what you’re saying is what you mean”

This will take you back…

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