Wednesday, January 6, 2010

December 5 – National Bird Day

(This bird was outside of our old house just walking around on the carport...apparently they used to live at one of the wineries around here and then something happened and they let all the peacocks go - so now they just wonder around Kirkland/Woodinville WA)

I was discussing this with my sister and decided that ducks don’t seem like birds, I am aware that they fly and have feathers and everything, but ducks just sort of seem like they should be in their own category.

Jared and I have a few bird friends out here in Seattle. We have: Barry the Bald Eagle – who sits by the 520 bridge, Bob the Blue Heron – who hangs out at the dog park and sometimes visits our church, and Doris & Dewy the ducks who live by our church as well. We say “Hi” to them every time we see them. (We have a picture of Barry somewhere, but I can't find it! - He is quite handsome!)

I really enjoy penguins as well. One of my life goals is to ride an ostrich! - Did you know that you can stand on their eggs and they won’t break…it’s true! OOO and I LOVE seeing birds nose-dive into the water, when they are flying and then just go straight in…it’s GREAT! Along those same lines, I think it is hilarious when the ducks/swans/etc put their heads under water and their booty’s stick up in the air…LOVE IT.

Overall birds bring me great joy - always looking so free and happy. However, I must say that I am TERRIFIED of being pooped on. I think this stems from when I was little a seagull pooped on me and my teddy on the beach – traumatizing.  One time one pooped on Jared while he was talking on the phone to me...that was funny.


  1. I think that if you want to ride an ostrich, you should DEFINITELY go to Aruba. There is an ostrich farm there where you can feed an ostrich and they give people a chance to ride on one if they want to. You should do it!!

  2. That ostrich egg story cracks me up! I still think that was one of the funniest things that DIDN'T happen to us on SAS!