Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 23 – National Handwriting Day

This day opened up the discussion why do we learn cursive? I understand basically needing to know it…kind of, but compare the hours we spend learning it to the amount of time we spend using it…WAY out of balance…at least for me. I think it should be an elective in 2nd grade – not required. Jared thinks that we have to learn it so that we can learn our signature…then we thought about that and decided NO because you can’t read anyone’s signature anyway.

I also always think about in crime shows when they match people’s handwriting…I don’t think they could do that to mine. For 1. I write vastly different on different days sometimes big and round other times very small and scratchy, 2. Sometimes I write identical to my sister Katie and I can’t even tell or remember if I wrote something or if she did. Finally, 3. I like to switch up how I write letters & numbers. For a while I will write 4 with a triangle top, and then I will switch to an open square top, same with 8 sometimes I will do a figure 8, others two o’s places on top of one another. So, I don’t think that could ever be conclusive evidence against me…not that I will ever be convicted of anything…I gotta go.

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