Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 3 – Drinking Straw Day

On January 3, 1888, Marvin C. Stone patented the drinking straw.

Marvin first made a "straw" by sucking drinks through dry hollow rye...possibly where the name STRAW came from!  Marvin didn’t like that the drink would then get a grassy taste to it. He worked at a paper factory, so he took a piece of paper and coated it with wax...and the drinking straw was born!

I very much enjoy drinking straws; my favorite thing to drink is apple juice. I really would prefer to only ever drink apple juice through a drinking straw. I bought some bendy drinking straws with different colored stripes on them for my family to use today. It took a little bit of reminding, but they all enjoyed it I think.

Enjoy your drinking straws today!

Don’t worry, you can send someone an E-card for this day!

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  1. Try Glass Straws! You will never go back! Happy Straw Day!