Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 1 – National Z Day

I have found two VASTLY different things that this day is supposedly about…

1. I found information that this is a day about all the zombies come to life and walk the streets. This made sense to me, seeing that people are out so late for New Year’s. (I was sleeping by 11:15…oops!) However, the majority of people were out late last night and so today they are probably wondering around like zombies, crazy eyes and all.

2. Celebrating the letter Z letting people with names that start with Z go first instead of being last. I think my kids will appreciate this; I grew up being a Meyer. Didn’t really make much difference what side of the alphabet they started with, I was always in the middle. My kids, however, will LOVE when the Z’s go first, unless of course it is for an orthodontist appointment or first in speech class. (YUCK!)

So, HOORAY for you Z people strut your stuff and tell that lady at the grocery store it’s Z day so you should be able to go ahead of her, and you zombie people…get some sleep, watch out, and stay off the road...and if you must...DANCE!

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