Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20 – Cheese Day

Cheese a GREAT member of the dairy food group! My personal favorite is Colby Jack! OO and I LOVE eating small cubes of cheese and beef sticks…YUMM! I do not, however, like cheese on my pizza, I take it off and then put the toppings back on…weird I know, but I just don’t like it on pizza.

I also enjoy saying CHEESE for a picture & seeing cheesy people. Probably the biggest fan of cheese I know…Duke…as you can see from the size of his eyes in this picture, he very very rarely gets cheese. It’s not good for dogs in big quantities, but once in a while and EXCELLENT treat!

There are 670 types of cheeses that are well known and over 2000 types all together!

Some of my favorite snacks that incorporate some version or cheese:

• Macaroni and Cheese
• Tuna Melt (Tuna with Cheese melted on top)
• Cheez-Its
• Cheese Sticks
• Omelets (ham & cheese)
• Grilled Cheese
• Turkey and Provolone (that is what I get on every sub where ever I get it from)
• Cheese Balls
• Chips ‘n Cheese

YUMM! CHEESE! LOVE IT! Today was a good day!

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