Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7 – National Cotton Candy Day

Cotton Candy, can be one thing or can be separated into two separate things. Both are fluffy and not good for you. I like to break things up, much like you would in a game of Charades or Guesstures…for example highchair you could split it and get people to say HIGH and then CHAIR…this leads me to Cotton Candy Day.

I could not find any Cotton Candy. I was not at a fair, ball game, or circus of any type. I must admit that I am not a big fan of cotton candy, but it seems at those places there are always people shoving the brightly covered sugar sticks into your face. I got a tip from a co-worker that our local video rental store sometimes had it…no good. Therefore I used this opportunity to stretch my thinking power. I guess I was just assuming that Cotton Candy Day meant that puff of sugar kids get and end up with blue or pink patches all over themselves – looks very sticky and highly unattractive.

Possibly, and I think there is a good chance, that Cotton Candy day meant celebrating two great things: Cotton and Candy! I was wearing quite a bit of cotton today and I was able to eat a slice of chocolate cake…and later a 3 Musketeer. I severely enjoyed all of my cotton and my candy today. I also finally remembered to get some cotton balls from the store!

I told Jared I got him cotton candy, here he is heading off to his LAST MONDAY MBA class ever!

Some people even think that Cotton itself is Candy…check out this scene from one of my favorite holiday movies: (the volume is really quiet so if you want to hear turn it up loud)

Enjoy your Cotton and your Candy today, or if you have some, your Cotton Candy too!

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