Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13 – Ice Cream & Violins Day

Well, there was a slight misunderstanding in this day. I understood it to be Ice Cream & Violins day…however, as you may or may not know there are a number of different holidays on any given day. Therefore, today is Ice Cream Day and it is ALSO Violins Day.

Well, I am combining them, because that is what I originally thought it was...oops…here I go making up new holidays!

I ate my vanilla ice cream today with a cookie on the side while I was looking at pictures of violins. I also listened to some great violin music. This got me thinking I wonder if you could eat ice cream while you were playing the violin. The way violinist move their head and entire body for that matter while they are playing, I am not so sure this could be done with accuracy…besides the fact that you would have to have a feeder, because I absolutely cannot see how you could feed yourself while playing. You would need to invent some sort of magical machine to do that.

I am thinking of taking up the violin, I am pretty sure that if I moved my head and had a serious look on my face, no matter what I was playing I would look like a pro. I am a pretty good fake violin player, I would just have to go at it with full vigor and not let up no matter what was happening…I wonder if I could make money on the streets…then I could go buy ice cream! Another great meaning to the day! I think in the future on this day you should have to go outside and play your violin until you get enough money to buy ice cream…GENIUS! I better start practicing for next year!

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