Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17 – National Re-Gifting Day!

Today is the day you truly hope that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…or you just say “FINALLY I can get rid of this and let it collect dust in someone else’s house!”

At first I was nervous that I wouldn’t have anything to re-gift…as I said yesterday I love purging and don’t keep much extra stuff around…I am sure when I have a garage, basement, or storage area of some sort that will change a little. I was looking at our book shelf and I saw a couple hiking books that Jared and I have used maybe one time. PERFECT…I happen to know a lot of people who like to go hiking. There are LOTS of beautiful hikes out here, however, I have done very few of them.

I grabbed the books and the Albertson’s add from the paper (Albertson’s is a grocery store out here) and wrapped them up. Nothing like re-gifting in re-used wrappings! Again, I called my friend Erica…the one who let me herd her cats…and again asked if I could come over for a quick visit tonight. I can only imagine what she was thinking – what animal am I going to torment tonight, or crazy thing am I going to make her do – however, being the great friend that she is again she said she would be there.

It was a quick stop as she and her hubby, Joe, were packing for their Christmas trip back to New York/New Jersey where they are from. I think she liked them, I told her if she used them more then once, they were getting more use with her then with me…if she doesn’t want them she can re-gift again! The vicious cycle continues!

National Re-Gifting Day is on December 17th because supposedly this is a day that there are a lot of office parties. On the way to Erica & Joe’s house we drove by the Expedia Headquarters and they were having their Christmas bash…looked like a great time…we are all paying too much for tickets through Expedia for them to be having that big of a Christmas party!

Now that I think about this…possibly you should have known that this day was coming before you celebrated yesterday too much. Take those old annoying toys and pass them on to another unsuspecting parent! I have vowed not to get my nephew any annoying toys for fear of retaliation from my sister and brother-in-law when we have kids of our own.

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