Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 19 – Look For an Evergreen Day

Today is the day to buy your Christmas tree! We usually buy our tree shortly after Thanksgiving and this year we aren’t even getting one…sad because I LOVE Christmas trees…happy because that means we will be at home in Michigan this holiday season! Yes for the first time since Jared and I have been married we will be going back for the Christmas season!

I woke up and told Jared what day it was and he walked over to the window and said…There’s one! Not hard to do being that we live in “The Evergreen State”. There are many evergreens everywhere you look. They are beautiful and do help during the 10 grey months we have in Seattle…give us a little color to look at.

Since we do not have a tree this year, here are some of our past Christmas trees!

2006 Our First Christmas

2007 - Duke did very well this year

2008 - Duke and his Reindeer

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