Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 4 – National Dice Day

Oh little black and white dice…possibly red and white. The power these little guys have, especially if you are at a casino, or play those games with yourself like; “if I roll a 4 then we get the dog”. (I do this a lot).

When I stopped to think about it today dice are a big part of my life, I love playing games and dice are involved in a lot of them. Maybe not always the traditional dice numbered 1-6, but dice with different colors or letters on them that mean things.

I am thinking that possibly if the dice find out that I took an entire day to celebrate them next time I go to the Craps Table, they may be a little nicer….maybe!

Jared and I bought Yahtzee today, we always play this game at my dad’s house and Jared and I always lose, so we figured we could use some practice. However, our fist game I had a whopping score of 153 and I won! It was pathetic. We kept playing and Jared got into the 300’s so at least we are improving.

If you would like to know more about the history of dice, check out this website…it had WAY too much info for me to incorporate it into this blog entry!

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