Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 12 – National Gingerbread House Day

I do not believe I have ever actually made a Gingerbread House before. I never really understood the point of them…I mean no one actually eats them do they? Maybe people do…I certainly never would. And why is it called Ginger-“Bread”…I see nothing “bready” about this at all. It is more like cardboard…cracker, or graham cracker like…I am not so sure about this whole BREAD thing. I am aware that people eat gingerbread, but really the houses…I don’t see people pulling them apart after sitting out for a week and eating them…if you do…umm…great, I’m sure a lot of people do! (No I’m not.)

It was interesting building a Gingerbread House in a Canadian hotel room. I am pretty sure when the maids come in tomorrow they will say, “WOW a masterpiece! What a nice gift!” They will probably pass it around the staff taking pictures with it. I'm sure it will end up being displayed in the lobby of the hotel for all to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a call saying that we are welcome back any time for a free stay!

Apparently the gingerbread house started to become popular with the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.

Overall, it was fun to make a Gingerbread House…to have the experience, but not something I would need to do again.

(This was before I realized that the right side of the roof was slowly falling off...thanks to the "frosting" that looked more like caulk I was able to fix it!)

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