Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 27 – National Cut Out Snowflake Day

Today was FABULOUS!! (FYI: the red one is a real decoration, not one of our creations)

It was snowy outside, the sun was shining, and the whole family sat down around the table to make cut out snowflakes.

I dove right in cutting ferociously and ended up with a square looking snowflake that really wasn’t very good. I guess I can’t be great at everything.

Derek (Jared’s younger brother) looked up online how to make cut out snowflakes, he spent a fair amount of time on them and it paid off – his were AMAZING – rivaling those of Buddy the Elf.

Everyone had their own style and they all turned out great, it was the most participation in a blog holiday yet! HOORAY!

We hung them in the window for all to see, displaying out snowflakes to the world!  

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  1. The snowflakes are still up. They match the snow that is falling right now--Snow Day tomorrow?