Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 24 – Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve! I LOVE today! I woke up this morning and Jared asked me what time it was….I started singing…It’s time to:

Rise and Shine and give God the glory glory
Rise and Shine and give God the glory glory
Rise and Shine and (Clap) give God the glory glory, Children of the Lord!

If you don’t know that song, I’ll sing it for you sometime…just ask! And of course it was done with the full set of motions!

Christmas Eve is a great day, I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. First of all we are leaving for Michigan today…SO excited! I also thoroughly enjoy our Christmas Eve traditions that we have. When I was growing up we had an advent calendar that Pink Grandma made for us and it was so fun to get up every morning and race down to see what little character was going to be put on the tree. My mom made all three of us girls (I have 2 sisters in case you didn’t know, of which I am the youngest) a replica of that advent calendar. So on Dec 24th it’s always time to pull the last character out and it’s ALWAYS Baby Jesus! So this morning was no different after singing my song to Jared I took a quick shower and then hung up Baby Jesus. Duke’s tradition for the past few years is that he goes to the dog park. He and Jared are just about to leave now…we need to get him tired out for the plane ride…he is our carry-on! And finally, I have a little stool that says “Cookies For Santa” on it and I leave Santa a note and snack every year by the fireplace. I can’t remember ever missing a year. Since I will not be here on Christmas I will explain that to him in the note.

So I am off to write Santa a note, and finish up packing while Duke and Jared go run around the park.

Have a GREAT Christmas Eve!

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