Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 21 - National Flashlight Day

Today is National Flashlight Day because it is the day with the least amount of natural light. I tried to get Jared to only use flashlights tonight at our house…he said he wasn’t participating today. I think he was thinking about participating…then he said he was going to take a shower and I offered to stand on the toilet and shine the light in the shower for him…I thought it was a GREAT idea!

We did have some fun and Jared was showing me his dog and bird hand puppets in the flashlight shadows.

We always have our flashlights handy…there seem to be power outages here ALL the time. The worst one was 2006 we had no power for 3 days. It was in Dec and got pretty cold. I remember we went to the mall just to warm up – had to go to a far away mall. We thought about getting a hotel…turns out we were the LAST people to think of that, as they were all full.

I am not sure whey they are called FLASH lights, nothing is flashing, you might think they would be called steady beam lights. Maybe because you can just FLASH them on…but don’t all lights come on like that? Hmm…now this is bothering me.

The Energizer Bunny answered my question!

How did the flashlight get its name?

When the flashlight was first invented, battery power was still in its infancy and there wasn't a strong enough source to power the flashlight for a long period of time. Users pushed a button to literally “flash light” on the path in front of them, shining the light for just a moment. Hence, we have the name we use today—flashlight.

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