Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 18 – Underdog Day

Underdog!!! That was my favorite thing to yell as a kid on the swings. After asking my dad, mom, or sisters for what felt like hours to PLEASE give me an underdog I would excitedly count….1…..2…..3…..UNDERDOGGIE!!!!!!! It truly was an exciting thrilling experience every time!

Jared and I headed to a park close to our house to give each other Underdogs on the swings. I hope you appreciate these pictures…Jared had to give me about 16 until we figured out just when to push the button and how long before the camera took the picture on the timer mode. Luckily we figured it out while I was on the swing; I only had to give him 1 underdog, which was good because apparently he was getting dizzy on the swings…

I also cheered for an underdog team; I watched the Montana vs. Villanova football game and cheered for #3 Villanova, because Montana was ranked #1. Nova was down in the beginning but came back to win! HOORAY…the Underdogs are the winners!

I also laid under our dog to be truly…Under Dog.

We thought about dressing Duke up as Underdog the cartoon, but decided he wouldn’t really like that and it’s not his blog, therefore participation is optional…he opted out.

Happy Underdog Day!

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