Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2 – National Fritters Day

First things first…we need to know what a fritter is exactly:


a small, sweet or savory, deep-fried cake made either by combining chopped food with a thick batter or by dipping pieces of food into a similar batter. Some of the more popular foods used for fritters are apples, corn and crab.

I am terribly saddened to say that I did not eat a fritter today. I learned a lot about them…..but I did not eat one. I originally was planning on making them…then I found out you had to deep fry them – there went that idea! I wasn’t very fritter educated before today, I didn’t really know where to get a fritter…I looked all over on the internet where to get fritters in Seattle…I got nothing…or no where I could go today. (on a side note, Jared and I share a car - I take it to and from work, then he takes it to class all night – therefore if I need anything for my holiday celebrations it has to be carefully planned and easy to stop and get cause there isn’t a lot of extra time. However, Jared will be graduating from Seattle University with an MBA next Thursday! You cannot even imagine my excitement. Anyways, I am hoping my blog can become a little more involved at that point since I will be able to go places and do things!) Anyways, I was telling Jared my frustration with not being able to locate a fritter…and he notified me that they have them right when you walk into the grocery store down the road from our house. At that point I was already stuck at home since he was on the way out the door to class. I did however eat a donut today! It wasn’t deep-fried, but at least it was a pathetic attempt. If nothing else I became greatly educated about fritters!

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